Friday, March 25, 2011

Travelogue for Tourists and Future Generations

Pasir Ris - a travelogue by Balram Sharma
This travelogue was compiled by actually visiting the mentioned places and is a practical guide to Pasir Ris.

Pasir Ris Park/Swamp:

Pasir Ris Park is the biggest park in Pasir Ris. An undeveloped area in the past, this park has risen to become one of the most developed parks in Singapore. There are paths, decorations, washrooms and even observation towers and lookout points. Pasir Ris Park is quite popular among residents. It is now quite easily accessible as there are many bus services servicing the park (though mainly the swamp side of the park), unlike in the past. Pasir Ris Park stretches from the coast to the swamp, which is near Downtown East. Pasir Ris Park offers a host of modern activities, such as pony rides, water sports, inline-skating, cycling and barbecue pit rental. There are also some nature-related activities, such as walking on the boardwalks that go through the conserved mangrove (the swamp) and walking through the Herb and Spice Garden and the Maze Garden. Before going to Pasir Ris Park, please note that you should not make too much noise while exploring, especially within the swamp. When I visited the park, a group of teenagers was making a whole lot of noise! This must have scared the daylights out of at least one creature.

Downtown East:

Downtown East, in my opinion, is an overrated attraction. Firstly, it is not really the downtown of the east. All it contains is a mall (EHub), two theme parks (Escape Theme Park and Wild Wild Wet) and some chalets that are owned by Costa Sands. However, Downtown East is popular with teenagers and kids, and maybe even with some adults that go there regularly. Escape Theme Park, opened in the year 2000, has 12 rides, now that one has been closed down due to an accident in 2005. Escape Theme Park is opened on weekends and gazetted school and public holidays. It has since lost out to Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa. Wild Wild Wet, opened in the year 2004, is currently the largest water park currently operating in Singapore. It contains 9 rides, one of which is a dry ride, the  Skyrider. It will soon be competing with Resorts World Sentosa's  Equaris Water Park. EHub is a newcomer in the field of malls in Pasir Ris, and a potential competitor to White Sands Mall. It contains many stores.

White Sands Mall:

The main mall of Pasir Ris, White Sands is right next to  Pasir Ris MRT Station, the current Eastern Terminus of the East-West MRT line. It also contains the Pasir Ris Community Library, which incidentally is where I am typing from right now. White Sands Mall also houses many shops, including a two-storey tall McDonald's branch.